If you live in southern California, there is a good chance you have been involved in an auto accident.  Auto accident cases constitute a very large portion of all personal injury cases and require some special consideration.

  • Repairs to the vehicle: First off, if you are the owner of the vehicle involved in a collision, chances are that your vehicle will need to be repaired.  Getting your vehicle fixed can sometimes be a uphill struggle and may require a lawsuit.
  • Lack of Insurance: Operators of motor vehicles are required by law to maintain liability insurance.  Failure to do so may result not only in a criminal action, but may also limit the uninsured driver’s ability to recover for his or her personal injuries resulting for the accident, even if someone else was at fault.
  • Insurance proceeds: The availability of insurance may also decrease the need for filing a lawsuit against the other drivers.  Insurance adjusters will usually offer a settlement when their driver is clearly at fault.  However, the real difficulty is getting the insurance company to offer an amount that is fair to the injured party.
  • Liability of Owner:  The owner of a vehicle can be liable for injuries caused by someone else operating their vehicle with their permission.  While this may not effect the availability of insurance, it may increase the ability to recover after a trial.

These special considerations and others can sometimes be overlooked by attorneys or staff who are not experienced in auto accident cases.  It is important for you as a client to determine if you trust your attorney to have the knowledge of all the factors which may affect your auto accident case.