It is important that, as an attorney, I have clients who feel they can be open and honest with me about their legal problems.  Trust is a crucial element in the attorney-client relationship.  For that reason, I want to share a little of my personal background.

I grew up in a relatively poor community in Central California called Cutler-Orosi.  It is a small, densely populated group of towns consisting mostly of migrant farm workers.  Early on I started playing music.  I was a guitarist and singer for a band since the age of 13.  I lived the rock and roll lifestyle until my early twenties.  By that time I was a high school dropout, with no job experience, and rapidly learning that the life of a rocker isn’t very lucrative.

After starting a family, I had to get a real job, and I started selling hotdogs at a local hotdog stand.  When my second child was about to be born, I realized that this income wasn’t going to carry me or my family very far.  So, with the encouragement of my lovely girlfriend (later to become my lovely wife), I went back to school.

I began taking paralegal courses at the local community college.  Within two weeks, I was completely hooked:  I knew, 100%, that I wanted to be an attorney.  After getting straight A’s for two years during the paralegal program, I went straight to a law school in Clovis, California.

Law school was very difficult (no big surprise).  I was working full-time as a paralegal, and I also had a wife and two small kids at home.  Because of my passion to learn everything I could about the law, I received 5 awards for ranking top in the following classes:  Evidence, Advanced Research and Writing, Remedies, Legal Process, Contract Drafting.  I also received an award for my Pro Bono legal services.  I was prepared to take one of the toughest exams in any occupation, the Bar exam.  Many new law school graduates do not pass this exam the first time, but I did.

Prior to ending law school, my wife and I decided to move to southern California so that we could be closer to her family.  I wanted to move to Riverside because it seemed like an ideal location to start a practice.

After working at the local courthouse, I decided to take the plunge and go out on my own.  It has always been my goal to have my own law office.

I hope this brief bio helps you understand a little bit about me and where I have come from.  My resume is also available on the website.  If you have any questions regarding my experience or qualifications, you can contact me by phone, email or Facebook.