“As an attorney, it is important to me that I have clients who feel they can be open and honest with me about their legal problems.  Trust is a critical element in the attorney-client relationship.  For that reason, I want to share a little of my personal background.”

“I grew up in a relatively poor community in Central California called Cutler-Orosi.  It is a small, densely populated group of towns consisting mostly of migrant farm workers.  Early on I started playing music.  I was a guitarist and singer for a band since the age of 13.  I lived the rock and roll lifestyle until my early twenties.  By that time I was a high school dropout, with no job experience, and rapidly learning that the life of a rocker isn’t very lucrative.”

“After starting a family, I had to get a real job, and I started selling hotdogs at a local hotdog stand.  When my second child was about to be born, I realized that this income wasn’t going to carry me or my family very far.  So, with the encouragement of my lovely girlfriend (later to become my lovely wife), I went back to school.”

“I began taking paralegal courses at the local community college.  Within two weeks, I was completely hooked:  I knew, 100%, that I wanted to be an attorney.  After getting straight A’s for two years during the paralegal program, I went straight to a law school in Clovis, California.”

“Law school was very difficult (no big surprise).  I was working full-time as a paralegal, and I also had a wife and two small kids at home.  Because of my passion to learn everything I could about the law, I received 5 awards for ranking top in Evidence, Advanced Research and Writing, Remedies, Legal Process, Contract Drafting classes.  I also received an award for my Pro Bono legal services. I passed the California Bar Exam and became a licensed attorney in 2014.”

“By the time I had become a lawyer, my wife and I decided to move to southern California so that we could be closer to her family.  I wanted to move to Riverside because it seemed like an ideal location to start a practice.”

“After working at the Riverside courthouse, I decided to take the plunge and go out on my own.  It had become my dream to have my own law office, doing the type of work I enjoyed and took pride in. Since that time, I have handled hundreds of cases, met hundreds of wonderful clients and friends, and helped people out when they had nowhere else to turn. It has truly been a most rewarding experience.”

“I hope this brief bio helps you understand a little bit about me and where I come from.  As I said above, trust is key in an attorney-client relationship. As you attorney, you can rely on me to give you the straight answers, even if it’s not what you want to hear. If you have any questions regarding my experience or qualifications, you can contact me by phone or email. Thank you.

Randy K. Bell, Esq.